The MA in Information Design is a research Masters degree that aims to allow you the opportunity to develop post-graduate knowledge, skills and applied competence in the specialist discipline of communication design. The intention is to present you with opportunities for continued intellectual growth and career development, and to foster a willingness to contribute meaningfully to society and your community as a design researcher.

The outcome of your research will be either a mini-dissertation that is accompanied by a suitable research-orientated practical project or a full dissertation. You are free to choose your own area of research and we recommend that you find a subject that allows you to contribute meaningfully to the specific understanding of an area of communication design and illustration in South Africa. Design is a very broad field and therefore allows for a range of possible areas of exploration. However, to ensure that you get the most out of your studies, you will be encouraged to select a subject that can receive sufficient guidance from a supervisor. Several design paradigms may be suggested, although this list should not be taken as comprehensive:

  • An area of imaging and visualisation.
  • Visual identity, branding and nation branding.
  • Design thinking and design strategy.
  • Design education.
  • Ethics in design theory and praxis.
  • Research for design praxis.
  • Visual rhetoric in design and illustration.


The programme requires that the student is self-motivated. Consequently, the research is continuous and autonomous but with the supervision of a supervisor.


The period of study should not exceed three academic years.






Selection for the study programme is on an individual basis and may require and interview. To qualify for entrance into the MA Information design, a four-year degree in the field of communication design or an equivalent qualification (with approval by Senate) with an average of at least 65% is required. This needs to be coupled with a research proposal that has been approved by the Department of Visual Arts and the Faculty of Humanities. You will also need to submit the following to the Departmental Research Committee:

  1. A complete academic record of tertiary qualifications obtained;
  2. A current CV.
  3. A written research proposal.
  4. If relevant, a portfolio of practical work, which may be submitted in photographic/slide format.

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